WIN a pot of 100% natural, raw Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey  sweepstakes

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Closer have teamed up with premium Manuka Honey brand Steens to offer one lucky winner 2 of pots of 10+ Active, 100% natural, raw Manuka Honey. Sourced from some 10,000+ hives across the beautiful, remote New Zealand Wilderness, Steens’ Manuka Honey has so many uses that we think every cupboard should have a pot. Whether you prefer to eat, drink, or slather your skin with Manuka, all its naturally occurring microbial properties are preserved thanks to Steens’ minimal processing methods, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits!

With it’s innovative ‘Hive Tracker’ technology, you can trace your pot of Steens Manuka back to exactly where it came from – so go on! Bee kind to yourself, have some Steens.

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